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Weekly Featured Artisan Breads

The following artisan breads are baked only on specific days, as indicated in each bread’s description and on our baking schedule. To pre-order your favourites, call 250-338-8211.

Wheat-free Spelt Loaf – Light spelt flour enriched with flax seeds, honey and olive oil. This recipe was generously shared by Chris Brown, former owner of Vancouver’s Ecco Il Pane.

Organic Artisan Rye – Dense, crusty rye with a light, tangy sourdough flavour. Made with the original sourdough starter crafted by Sherry in San Francisco.

Challah Bread – Rich, eggy dough baked in a traditional three-strand braid and topped with seeds. Makes fantastic French toast!

Courtenay Sourdough – Natural sour starter with whole wheat and rye flours and sea salt. Non-yeasted, naturally risen bâtard.

Heritage - Hand crafted organic loaf made with Canadian Heritage Red Fife flour, Spelt flour, olive oil and honey.
Island Beer Bread – This unique loaf incorporates Island-crafted Ale and roasted wheat berries used to brew the beer. Risen overnight in whicker baskets and baked on the stone hearth.

Chai– Light whole wheat and white flours with honey, golden raisins and our house-made chai spice blend.

Chai Spice Bread, shaped into a long batard
Spelt baked as a traditional pan loaf with speckles of flax seeds.
Organic Artisan Rye, a flatter batard with rings of flour indicating it was raised overnight in a wicker basket.
Challah is a soft breaded loaf sprinkled with sesamea seeds.
Courtenay sour dough is a small round batard
Image coming soon
Surgenor “Red House Ale” Bread, baked in a large boule and raised in a wicker basket, with rings to prove it.
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