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Seasonal Artisan Breads

The following artisan breads are baked only at special times of the year, as indicated in each bread’s description and on our baking schedule. To inquire about availability, or to pre-order your favourites, call 250-338-8211.

Hot Cross Buns – Come in and enjoy a half dozen of our traditional Hot Cross buns. A sweet dough made with candied orange peel, raisins, currents and spices, individually hand shaped and served in a pannibois!

Chipotle Corn Bread – Baked only when local corn is at its peak. Look for this smoky, slightly spicy loaf on weekends

Pear and Blue Cheese Bread - We bake this outstanding bread in two styles: a flatbread and a bun cluster in French balsawood baskets. Available at Thanksgiving and throughout the month of December. .

St Patricks Day Bread: – Light and whole wheat bread with Guinness and Irish cheddar. available in March.

Potato Bread – Organic potato and fresh dill enhance this big, comforting bâtard. Available weekends through the winter holidays.

Panettone– Italian Christmas Bread – Plenty of real vanilla, sliced almonds and imported candied orange are the heart and soul of this airy, light European Christmas classic, featured in December.

Christmas Stollen - Filled with rum-soaked dried fruits and fragrant spices, then dusted with powdered sugar, this moist, buttery delight is not to be missed in December.

Soda - With raisins soaked in Irish whiskey, available in March

Organic Apple Bread – Filled with organic apple chunks and toasted walnuts, this popular bread is flavoured with locally pressed cider.

Fruit and Walnut Loaf – Dried fruits, bright spices and roasted walnuts inside, buttery crumble topping outside. A decadent weekend loaf for breakfast or teatime.

(Please note that since some of our breads and cakes take up to 48 hours to produce, we may require advance notice for some pre-orders.)
Chipotle corn bread baked as a batard with whole corn curnnels.
Potatoe bread baked in a large batard with dill and pieces of potatoe.
St Patricks Day Bread, baked in a rustic batard and topped with cheddar cheese.
Pear and Blue cheese, baked as buns in a paniboi.
Panettone, a tall round loaf baked in a decorative wrapper, allows the top to puff up and is reminisent of a largre chocolate soufle dusted with sugar and slivered almonds.
Stollen, a beautiful flat bread dusted with sugar is wrapped in celo and tied witha bow.
Soda bread, shaped in a rustic boule
Apple Bread baked as a large boule with pieces of organic local apples poking out.
Fruit and Nut is baked as a pan loaf loaded with dried fruits and generously topped with a crumble topping
Hot Cross Buns, baked in a pannibois
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