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Farmer’s Multigrain – Cracked wheat, kamut, millet, flax, corn and seeds make up over half the weight of our signature whole grain loaf. Dense, chewy and loaded with fibre.

Fig & Roasted Walnut – Plump calimyrna figs and freshly roasted walnuts. Fabulous with fresh, soft cheeses.

Olive & Thyme – Chunky Sicilian green olives and fresh thyme. Chewy, medium-sized bâtard.

Garlic Miche – A whole bulb of roasted garlic in the centre, then even more roasted garlic is mixed into the dough before we bake it as a showy miche.

House Levain – Very mild sour starter and a bit of whole wheat flour add texture and flavour to our house levain. Baked as a large bâtard.

OrganicWhole Wheat– Made with a 50% mix of organic white and whole wheat flours.

Provence Bâtard – A classic whole grain loaf from the South of France. Whole wheat, honey, oats, flax and sunflower seeds shaped into a traditional pointed bâtard.

Il Forno – Organic whole wheat flour, water, sea salt and yeast create a simple, large, white bâtard.

Organic French Baguette – Our traditional French process and artisan technique produce a crusty and flavourful baguette. Also available in mini baguette.

Organic Epi – Made with the baguette process and snipped into eight crusty pull-apart rolls arranged like a stalk of wheat.

Pumpkin Seed – A large, pumpkin seed-crusted boule with light whole wheat flour, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, oats and a touch of honey for subtle sweetness.

Sunny Honey – A light, whole wheat loaf loaded with oats and sunflower seeds, lightly sweetened with honey.

(Please note that since some of our breads and cakes take up to 48 hours to produce, we may require advance notice for some pre-orders.)
Farmers multigrain, traditional pan style loaf
Fig and walnut, a small rustic boule
Olive leavin, medium sized batard
Garlic miche, large round loaf with a whole head of roaster garlic in the center
House leavin, batard style loaf
Provence, traditional pointed batard
Italian white loaf, the Il Forno
Organic French Baguette
Epi, snipped into eight crusty pull-apart rolls
Pumpkin seed loaf, round and covered in pumpkin seeds
Sunny Honey, traditional pan style topped with seeds
Whole Wheat Bread - Image coming soon
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