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Cakebread Artisan Bakery

Your Local Handcrafted Artisan Bakery

When our customers step through our doors, they expect the best. So how do we keep them coming back for more? The secret lies in our methods.

Everything in our bakery is made from scratch using only the highest quality ingredients. We craft all of our artisan breads by hand, using 100% certified organic flours. It’s simply how the world’s best baking has been done for years. With the exception of our Challah, all of our breads are also egg, dairy and refined sugar-free, making them the perfect choice for those with dietary sensitivities.

As for our cakes, our customers repeatedly tell us that they’re the best they’ve ever tasted. We believe that this, too, has a lot to do with our commitment to time-honoured baking techniques.

Visit our bakery any time for a wide selection of freshly baked artisan breads, cakes and other treats ready to be picked up and enjoyed. Or, pre-order your favourite breads and cakes by calling 250-338-8211.

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